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Automall Network is an auto broker that specializes in helping clients with total loss insurance claims as well as buying and selling cars. We help clients ensure they are getting a fair settlement offer if their car is deemed a total loss. Plus, just like you would hire a real estate broker to help you buy or sell a home, our clients hire us as their "auto broker" to work on their behalf, simplify the process, make better decisions, and get better pricing. We do the heavy lifting so you don't have to.

Why Use Automall Network?
Save Time & Hassles

Car buying and selling can be time consuming and frustrating - from "I have to go talk to my manager" to high pressure sales tactics to low trade-in values or private offers to people not showing up for appointments. We take away this pain to streamline the process and make buying or selling much easier.

Watching Your Back

Most people have never had a total loss, don't know what happens behind the scenes or understand the process. They don't realize what they are actually entitled to and many are intimidated about dealing with their insurance company. Don't worry. We're experts and can help you through the whole process.

Professional Advice

Whether you're dealing with the insurance company or a dealership, our expertise on both sides will help you navigate those waters. We've had many clients tell us our advice empowered them with confidence and convenience to better deal with the situation and keep more money in their pocket.

Better Results

When you're negotiating on a car, you aren't really negotiating with the salesperson. You're negotiating with the sales manager. The salesperson is a buffer to provide the dealership greater leverage. We are your buffer to not only level the playing field, but to give you greater leverage. Ask about our Savings Guarantee.

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What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say

"My 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander was written off by ICBC who presented me with a settlement offer of $36,996.71 plus tax for a grand total of $41,402.72. Something didn’t feel right but I had no way to argue their findings. I just wanted to ensure that their offer was fair so I started to investigate on the internet and found Automall Network. After some coaching, they reviewed my settlement offer and found holes in ICBC’s research. When I presented the facts provided to me by Automall Network, ICBC revised their settlement offer to $40,589.96 + taxes for a total settlement of $45,460.76. This is over $4,000 more than their original offer. Thank you AutoClaimHelpers" ...Robert S., Kelowna BC

"Thank you for all your help! You made it easy for a female to buy a vehicle without the help of a super hero husband, boyfriend or male friend to have to hold my hand. I feel like I still did it on my own...but the reality is I didn't! Thank you :)" ...Christine Rivard, Whitby, ON

"I have purchased several new vehicles using Automall Network. On each transaction, I feel I received good value for money invested. I would not hesitate to recommend them for anyone looking to save time and money"...Kent Green, Charlottetown, PEI

"At first I was skeptical about this process, but I was pleasantly surprised how the transaction was handled. I have used the services of Automall Network two times and each time they simplified the process for me to purchase both vehicles. They negotiated better prices for both vehicles than I could have negotiated. The service they provide, when purchasing a new vehicle
is well worth it"...Darrel Legleiter, Frisco, TX

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