Automall Network Reviews and Testimonials

"My 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander was written off by ICBC who presented me with a settlement offer of $36,996.71 plus tax for a grand total of $41,402.72. Something didn’t feel right but I had no way to argue their findings. I just wanted to ensure that their offer was fair so I started to investigate on the internet and found Automall Network. After some coaching, they reviewed my settlement offer and found holes in ICBC’s research. When I presented the facts provided to me by Automall Network, ICBC revised their settlement offer to $40,589.96 + taxes for a total settlement of $45,460.76. This is over $4,000 more than their original offer. And it only cost me $150. Thank you Automall Network" ...Robert S., Kelowna BC

"Superb service! Automall Network took the stress out of the entire experience. We would not only recommend them to others we will also be using Automall Network again!"...Dave Basi, Victoria, BC

"Thank you for all your help! You made it easy for a female to buy a vehicle without the help of a super hero husband, boyfriend or male friend to have to hold my hand. I feel like I still did it on my own...but the reality is I didn't! Thank you :)" ...Christine Rivard, Whitby, ON

"I have purchased several new vehicles using Automall Network. On each transaction, I feel I received good value for money invested. I would not hesitate to recommend them for anyone looking to save time and money"...Kent Green, Charlottetown, PEI

"At first I was skeptical about this process, but I was pleasantly surprised how the transaction was handled. I have used the services of Automall Network two times and each time they simplified the process for me to purchase both vehicles. They negotiated better prices for both vehicles than I could have negotiated. The service they provide, when purchasing a new vehicle
is well worth it"...Darrel Legleiter, Frisco, TX

"I would have paid a lot more for this service"...Dorie Stewart, Richmond Hill, ON

"My husband and I were thrilled with the service and the savings we achieved through Automall Network. For a small fee, they simply took care of everything for us, professionally and properly, and saved us over $3000 more than we had negotiated on our own"...Leslie Alexander, Pickering, ON

"I was buying a new car for my wife for Christmas and needed to keep things on the QT and Automall did a great job keeping things secretive. I got a great price and a great deal on my trade-in which was one of the reasons I used the service. It's nice to have experience on your side when dealing with a trade-in as without it you're at the mercy of the dealer. My wife was very happy with the car although more stunned than anything. Thanks Automall for all you've done."...Gordon Milne, Barrie, ON

"Automall made buying my car completely painless. Fee was very reasonable, service was very prompt. They got me a discount on a car that no normal dealer was discounting. The delivering dealer was very courteous and helpful. I highly recommend this service."...Sam Margel, Thornhill, ON

"I was referred to Automall by my financial planner. I thought I was getting a great deal on my own till I saw what they negotiated for me through my own dealer"...Theresa Stone, Murray, KY

"Takes all the hassles out of buying a car"...Carol Joriman, Coralville, IA

"I contacted the Automall network to source a 2012 Prius for us. They were very helpful, negotiated a fair price for us, and made the entire experience very pleasant and stress-free. I would recommend their service without reservation."...Alex Pinto, Calgary, AB

"This is the only way to buy a car. I have already shared my experience with friends and family with high recommendations."...Edward Antoszczyszyn, Gilford, ON

"I will NEVER consider buying a car again without using your service. Your fee was modest but, the results were outstanding. As an amateur car buyer I felt I had to have a professional buyer on my side in order to confront professional car sellers. The decision to use your service saved me time, hassle and money. My sincere thanks"...M Phillips, Belwood, ON

"Viraf's service and that of his staff was superb. I will not hesitate to sing their praises to other people"...Olga Gil, Toronto, ON

"This was our first experience using a car broker to acquire a vehicle and clearly the overal experience exceeded our expectations. The service provided by our Automall representative was extremely professional, stress free and resulted in some substantial savings! I would highly recommend Automall Network to anyone!"...Stephane Leblanc, Gatineau, PQ

"Rather than participate in the time consuming exercise of visiting numerous dealerships and car lots to source a used vehicle, using this organization was an efficient and positive process to identify and purchase a vehicle"...Jeff Bondett, Havelock, ON

"We had a great experience with Automall Network. It was great to not have to deal with push car salespeople"...Richard Pinto, Toronto, ON

(Referring to the full concierge service) "It takes a bit of a leap of faith to do things in reverse order than we are used to, but once we took that step it was certainly painless. We will be back when we need another car."...Jamie Hall, Cambridge, ON

"I believe that Automall went above and beyond the call of duty in meeting my requirements with a very short timeline. They worked long and hard to secure the right vehicle on time and within budget. I would have no hesitation using them again or in recommending their services to others."...John MacDonald, Toronto, ON

"Finding the right buyer/seller is not always easy. Hiring a company who acts as an independent broker motivates both the buyer and a seller to do business given that there is no conflict of interest"...Jodi Feldman, Toronto, ON

"For my situation of purchasing a new previous model year Toyota Tundra, Automall's service was invaluable. You were able to cast a much wider net than I could have and find the exact vehicle I wanted out of only 2 or 3 remaining in the entire province. You also negotiated a price that I don't believe I could have achieved with $4800 savings above the factory incentive of $6500 for a total savings of $11300 (after taxes/fees). This is better than I expected for this vehicle. Your representative was great, very responsive and made the whole process painless. I have already recommended the service to several friends. Thank you."...Jeff Oman, Richmond, ON

"This was the most pleasureable experience Ive ever had when purchacing a vehicle thank you all so much"...Richard Foster, Cornwall, ON

"I think you service is outstanding.You took the pain and inconvenience of vehicle shopping away. In addition you saved us a considerable amount of money. Thank you for a very good experience."...Charles Cipolla, Cambridge, ON

"Buying a car was never this easy...and the savings were great! I would highly recommend Automall Network"...Alfredo Colalillo, Woodbridge, ON

"Truly, a fantastic service. As an individual who recognizes a personal weakness when it comes to negotiating, I find Automall to be invaluable. This is the second car I've purchased this way, and I'd definitely do it again. Thanks!"...Karl Promm, Markham, ON

"Automall Network turned a negative into a positive. Car dealers take note the future of car sales is here and it's called Automall Network. Why should buying a car be ranked with the stress level of marriage and divorce. Automall Network takes the stress and fear of not getting a good deal away. Leaving you with the excitement of getting a new car. You wont wake up at 4:00 a.m. with the lingering feeling that you could have done better"...Peter Parkinson, Perth, ON

"I was totally satisfied with the Automall service. My representative was diligent, responsive, and very helpful throughout my buying process. No question I saved money overall!"...Michael McAvoy, Mississauga, ON

"We found automall a great source of help in finding a replacment car we had lost due to a freek weather storm. I would definitely recomend them to my friends and would use them again in the near future to aquire a second car"...Marco Busuttil, Toronto, ON

"I've never enjoyed haggling over the price of a new car - I always find it a stressful and time-consuming experience. Automall Network took care of all of that, and made car shopping incredibly easy!"...Andrew Gurudata, Mississauga, ON

"I found your services a great stress relief. Negotating for a vehicle can be quite daunting, but you did this for me and also got a very good price for my trade in"...Christopher West, Mississauga, ON

"My husband and I were so impressed with the service we received from Automall. The representatives we dealt with were extremely knowledgeable and were very sensitive to the fact we were on a tight time frame with a baby coming any day! They were able to find us the exact car we wanted at a better deal then we had ourselves. Their service was truly invaluable to us"...Rob and Irini Atkinson, Ajax, ON

"This service helped me save over 1000 from the first quote I received from a dealership. I have told multiple people about this service and I would use it again"...Andrew Hough, Brockville, ON

"I had an excellent experience with Automall Network. You guys made it so easy, while saving thousands of dollars over local used card dealers. They are truly a great partner in sourcing used vehicles from the US hassle free. A++ rating in my books!"...Mike Zosimadis, Toronto, ON

"I have gone through the process of acquiring a used vehicle on my own in the past. It was very time consuming and stressfull! Automall does the work for you resulting in a savings of time and no stress at all. I had complete confidence in my Automall Rep. The entire experience was excellent and most of all I love my Honda Pilot!"...Lena Bell, Ajax, ON

"I was impressed by the quick, courteous, and helpful follow-up to my initial queries. I also appreciated the extra effort to obtain an even better price for my vehicle, even after an initial satisfactory price had been found"...Brad Burt, Alliston, ON

"Dealing with Automall was a very pleasant experience. As a result of the courteous, professional and effective manner in which they dealt with me in a "total loss replacement" through my insurance company, I have already engaged them in helping my daughter and me in the purchase of a new vehicle. They offer an easy, hassle-free, value-added service in what can be a confusing and intimidating arena."...Cory Van Allen, Kingston, ON

"My dealing with Automall was a very enjoyable one. Automall found the exact car I wanted, for the price I wanted. The car arrived in showroom condition. All I had to do was drive off with the car."...Alpesh Gandhi, Brampton, ON

"2012 Civics are in short supply. Automall was able to find the car and colour we wanted and saved us money as well. Very satisfied with the service."...Bill and Martha Newman, Ancaster, ON

"My rep was amazing. Clear, calm, personable and very knowledgeable. Made buying my car extremely easy. I'll recommend over and over -- wonderfully pleasant experience. Thank you"...Maureen Haan, Thornhill, ON

"I am very pleased with the service Automall provided. Your rep did a very good job, as my selection was a little complex and he seemed very patient with my choices. A job well done, thanks"...Joel Hicks, Burlington, ON

"Automall saved me a lot of time, in researching the availability of a vehicle which fit my specifications. They were able also to negotiate a price which fit my budget. I am delighted with the result"...Winston Miller, Unionville, ON

"The process was rapid and quite painless. I'm sure Automall's negotiating skills resulted in a saving for me on the total price of my car"...Thorold Tronrud, Thunder Bay, ON

"Automall network exceeded by expectations. I live in BC and they acted as my agent to acquire a vehicle for sale by a private owner in Ontario. They facilitated the inspection of the vehicle, verified title, handled the paper work required by the provinces of BC and Ontario and arranged shipping. They also negotiated a lower price that more than covered the costs of their services. The end result was that I got mint condition used Porsche Cayman delivered to my door at a great price hassle free."...David Schalm, Kelowna, BC

"Buying our car went so well, everything was easy, even the dealership was impressed with how well and how easy it was to negotiate prices and work out details. I am very happy buying this way, leaving the headaches up to them"...Ellen Sjoberg, Moosejaw, SK

"Automall Network saved me time and bother and I got more car for less money than I was expecting to pay" ...John G. Richardson, Toronto, ON

"The service was great, so were the savings. We can really use something like this out here." ...Michael and Isobel Graves, Bridgewater, NS

"Impressed with the service and ability to secure the vehicle at a lower price, appreciated the follow up to see if everything went smoothly at the dealership" ...Louis Falsetto, Ottawa, ON

"A great way to but a car. You select the car you want, then do not have to deal with car sales people, yet still walk away with the car of your choice and a great price. The Perfect Storm" ...Steve Kindree, Woodbridge, ON

"Using Automall Network transformed what would have been a very unpleasant experience for me into a simple, easy and pleasurable experience with significant cost savings as well - I would never buy a car any other way!!" ...Linda Walker, Burlington, ON

"Automall was commissioned to find a new replacement vehicle by my Insurance company. The insurance representative I was dealing with said that they were very happy with the service provided by Automall and even staff were using Automall for their own vehicles. Everything went very smoothly and I received a new replacement vehicle for a very competitive price."...Hart Palme, Toronto, ON

"I already knew what vehicle I wanted and the price I was looking to pay for the lease. Automall took the process to the dealers and quickly got the deal done. There is always a "connected" way to find the best deal and Automall is that connection"...Craig Stark, Oakville, ON

"I've always thought, "There must be a better way to buy a car." Well, this is it! Thank you very much for all your help - I'll definitely be buying my next car this way too. You saved me both time and money. Have already recommended you to family members"...Frank Herr, Toronto, ON

"Was very pleased with how prompt and courteous this service was to me, Thank you! I would reccommend you to a friend"...Andrea Mazur, Milton, ON

"Great service and met expectations. I wish I had known about this ten years earlier"...Lisa Filippelli, Woodbridge, ON

"Automall Network works for you to provide not only the best customer service in acquiring your vehicle but also negotiating the best price(s). The fee that Automall levies is completely negated by the deletion of the ubiquitous Dealer admin fee that essentially renders their services for free. Everyone should be so smart as to utilize their service, expertise, and leverage of their business relationships with countless Dealers. Thank you Automall network. I will always use your services in purchasing any vehicle."...James Temos, Toronto, ON

"Hassle free and simple to deal with"...Peter Roick, Mississauga, ON

"I would definitely use this avenue again"...Barbara Reardon, Pickering, ON

"Automall helped me get exactly the vehicle I wanted. Delivery was quick and professional - all while saving me money. A great experience"...Scott Watkinson, Toronto, ON

"My experience with Automall exceeded my expectations in almost every way -- it was faster, easier, and returned better results than I had hoped for. Thanks!"...Ryan Zener, Toronto, ON

"From my perspective, the process could not have been more simple. You found exactly the vehicle I was looking for - quickly - and at a great price. The deal was closed with no fuss and I felt well taken care of at every point. Thanks for your help!"...Tom Vandeloo, Richmond Hill, ON

"Your service has been very helpful and appreciated"...Andrew Rok, Mississauga, ON

"You made car shopping something it has never been for me, a pleasurable experience"...Elaine Page, Thornhill, ON

"I want to say my experience working with Automall really went beyond my expectations. It was like having your best friend advising you on buying a car...a best friend who is a mechanic, dealer, etc. Thanks a lot!!!"...Isvar Prashad, Toronto, ON

"The advice alone was worth it. The savings were a bonus"...Garry Innanen, Scarborough, ON

"At first I was skeptical. But then you saved me $1500. I'm telling everyone I know about you"...Dave Shelley, Georgetown, ON

"I could not be more pleased with the professionalism shown by Automall Network and especially by my rep who could not have made the experience any more pleasant. Thank You very much. I only wish everyone I dealt with was so courteous"...Terry Arsenault, Oshawa, ON

"The best money I ever spent"...Peter Ameli, Toronto, ON

"You far exceeded our expectations. Not only did you save us $25 on the monthly payment, but we did not have to play the haggling game. Thank you Automall Network, you truly do cater to people who dislike car shopping"...John Walker, Burlington, ON

"One day short of the two weeks since I signed with them, I had my stunning (pre-owned) Lexus parked in my driveway, for almost $4,000.00 off the asking price and without having to run around or deal with salespeople. I cannot praise the staff at Automall Network enough for all the work they did. My advice is to call the Automall Network people and talk to them. They won't disappoint you"...Lena Lestus, Toronto, ON

"Thank you very much for making the car buying process a pleasurable one during a difficult buying time. It was most definitely worth it"...Liana Simons, Toronto, ON

"May I say I'm very happy with the no-nonsense way you operate, even down here in S.W. Ontario. You got me a much better price on the new car I wanted - and they took my trade. I am smiling. Thank you. I'm very pleased with Automall Network"...W. Brian Glaze, Sarnia, ON

"I would like to say thank you to Automall Network for helping me find and purchase my very first vehicle. For anyone who doesn't have the time to look for a car or who is uncomfortable with the negotiation process, I strongly recommend Automall Network. You will not be disappointed"...George Zicarelli, Toronto, ON

"A friend recommended this service to me, which turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. By using Automall Network's No Nonsense Negotiating Service I've saved myself countless precious hours and thousands of dollars. I would recommend this service to anyone who is looking to buy a vehicle"...Rachel Comrie, Etobicoke, ON

"The no-headaches, no hassles, speedy and professional approach of the Automall Network service was a pleasant experience that I'd recommend to those who are searching for a car"...Julius Sagath, Mississauga, ON

"To use your service or not, is a "no brainer"! One stop shopping. No admin fees or any other hidden extras. Just the best price possible with one quick call. I would not hesitate to use your service again and would highly recommend it to others"...Ron Maizis, Etobicoke, ON

"By hiring a professional to do the work of finding the right vehicle and then negotiating a fair price, I believe I saved myself time and money. I used the money I saved on the base price of the car to dress it up with accessories that I didn't think I could afford"...Walter MacEwen, Ajax, ON

"I found Automall Network to be very professional, caring, determined, and sincerely had my best interests at heart. If you are considering buying a car, I recommend you try Automall Network. With the money they helped me save, I'm taking a vacation!"...Daniela Solli, Toronto, ON

"I only had to decide what I wanted and Automall Network took care of the rest. I'm confident that I paid a better price than I would have negotiated, and I was spared all of the hassle of going from dealership to dealership trying to find the best price. Even if I was not so pressed for time I'd use the service again and would recommend it to others."...Christine Martin Bevilacqua, Richmond Hill, ON

"Great service and price. Will definitely recommend this to our families and friends"...Chung Wing Ho, Toronto, ON

"I researched extensively online and offline and found that local Toyota dealers would not budge a penny on a new car in Calgary. I couldn't accept paying MSRP especially when I knew the invoice price was much less, so I kept on looking until I found I was curious, and so I called the office and spoke to Viraf Baliwalla, whom I found to be professional and knowledgeable, and was able to explain to me the process and answer all my questions. I right away decided to try out, and I'm glad I did. As a result, for $50 I was able to get $2,000 off the 2012 Toyota Sienna. What a return on investment! I strongly recommend to anyone who is looking to buy a new car. The process is easy and the price for the service couldn't be more affordable. Thank you Automall Network"...Tamer El-Masri, Calgary, AB

"Thanks for the excellent service you gave me in buying my Hyundai Santa Fe. All went fine and smooth. If I have to purchase another car, I am 100% sure to use your service again"...John Farrugia, Toronto, ON

"Surprisinly fabulous service. Very satisfied. I was unsure of the service at first, as I have used CarCost Canada in the past. But it exceeded my expectations. I was able to purchase the car I wanted at 1.5% over wholesale and got the accessories at cost. The dealer was amazing, no hassles or sales pitches. I was very happy with the service."...Janis Young, Milton, ON

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