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Car shopping should be fun. But instead, most people dread it. They like the test drives - because that's fun. But when it comes to dealing with price, that's when it becomes uncomfortable. The high pressure sales tactics, the "I have to go talk to my manager", the confusing financing and leasing terms, the "this price is only good if you buy right now"...

It's tough to get a simple price, to ensure you're not overpaying, to get a fair price for your trade-in, to minimize sales tax and to have the confidence that you're making the right financial decisions on the second biggest expense of your life, next to your home. It's especially tough when you only do this once every so many years. It shouldn't be this difficult to buy a car.

That's where we come in. Automall Network has a dealer's license, however we don't operate like a normal dealer; we work for the consumer as your auto broker. Our team are licensed, industry professionals who deal with car purchases, leases, trade-ins and sales every day on behalf of our clients. We represent our clients to get you that simple price, ensure you aren't overpaying, getting the best value for your trade-in, minimizing your sales tax and help you make the right financial decisions. Just like one would hire a real estate broker to help them buy or sell a home, people hire us to help them buy or sell a car.

We don't charge for advice, guidance or consultation to see if our services are right for you. If you would like to use any of our services, we charge a flat fee to source the vehicle you want and negotiate the best price we can on your behalf. We have a vested interest in getting you the lowest price we can as you'll be a happier customer which leads to positive reviews, referrals and repeat business.

Services And Prices

Every clients' needs are different. Therefore, we have created a menu of services to address most situations:

New Car Free Price Check - $0 - if you already have a price, get a free expert assessment to see if you've got a good price or left money on the table. No cost. No obligation. Download Price Check Form

New Car Full Concierge Service - $500 - just tell us what vehicle you want to buy or lease and then sit back. We'll take care of everything else. You simply fill out some paperwork by email and pick up the car. In fact, we may even be able to get it delivered to your home or office. Double Your Money Guarantee applies. See below.

     Current New Car Market Challenges:

Used Car Negotiation Service - $225 - you find the car you want. We'll negotiate the price. Double Your Money Guarantee applies. See below.

Used Car Full Concierge Service - $899 ($295 deposit and balance at completion) - we start with research to help establish the correct budget. Once approved, we do a regular search through auctions and on retail lots and forward vehicles we think are worth considering. Once you find a vehicle you like, we negotiate the price and manage an independent inspection and review vehicle history. When dealing with any used vehicle, price is important but reliability is a higher priority. If you have a trade-in, our fee includes negotiating the value of that.

Taxes are extra.

Save Sales Tax - Normally, if you have a trade-in, you are at the mercy of the dealer from whom you are buying your next vehicle. Automall Network can shop your trade-in around to get you a better price. In many cases, we can still get you the tax savings as well even if traded through a different dealer. See our Sellers services for more details.

Make Money On Your Lease Return - Like many people who have not been driving much during COVID, they have a lot less mileage on their vehicle than originally anticipated. This makes it a premium vehicle and the market value is higher than the residual. Automall Network can help you capitalize on the increased market value and get you cash back instead of just handing it back in. The same may also apply if you want to break your lease.

Double Your Money Guarantee

We'll do our best to save you as much as we can. Our New Car Full Concierge and Used Car Negotiation Services come with our Double Your Money Guarantee. If we cannot save you a MINIMUM of twice our fee for these services, you'll receive a full refund of our fees upon taking delivery of the vehicle through the dealer we set up the transaction through. That dealer will be local to you or the vehicle will be delivered to you for your convenience.

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