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Press Clippings
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Date Media Topic
9/28/2016 Yahoo! Finance Deal Or No Deal? Automall Network Offers Free Price Check To New Car Buyers
7/8/2016 GlobalNews Dealer refunds buyerís auto deposit after Global News story
05/09/2016 Yahoo! Finance "Automakers Can Avoid Charging Tax On Rebates - If They Want To", expert says
02/18/2016 MoneySense Magazine 5 Things Your Car Salesperson Isnít Telling You
02/05/2016 CKNW 980 (Vancouver) Car Buying Tips Dealers Don t Want You To Know About - The Simi Sara Show
1/20/2016 BNN/ CTV News Low Loonie Driving Big Discounts On Some Canadian Car Lots
12/1/2015 Car Smart Eletter Trade-Ins Are A Dealer's Big Profit Centre
05/24/2015 Car Smart Eletter Should I Return My Leased Car Early?
03/09/2015 Car Smart Eletter Should I buy the extras when buying a car?
11/6/2014 Car Smart Eletter How Much Should You Pay For That New Car?
10/06/2014 Yahoo! Finance When Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy A Car?
09/26/2014 CBC Radio One (Ottawa) How To Get A Good Deal On A Car - Ontario Today
04/08/2014 NewsTalk 1010 (Toronto) Making informed decisions when you buy or lease a car
04/08/2014 CBC News Online Car buyers beware on websites that provide dealer pricing
3/26/2014 Globe Drive Women still dread the thought of car shopping
2/19/2014 CTV Canada AM Car Buying Tips - The Seven Deadly Sins Of Car Buying And How To Avoid Them
2/11/2014 Car Smart Eletter Ontario's First Diminished Value Court Case A Victory For Consumers! Or Was It?
1/6/2014 Toronto Star How to get cash after crash from at-fault driver
11/19/2013 Toronto Star Ten car-buying tips dealers donít want you to know
9/30/2013 Toronto Star When buying used car, pay for an inspection: Roseman
09/28/2013 680News (Toronto) Car Buying Workshop At Conestoga College - How To Save Money
9/25/2013 Metro How To Haggle For Your New Carís Price: Thereís A Workshop For That
9/8/2013 Serious Buyer, Serious Seller Eletter A Lesson in Car Buying Basics Can Save You Money and Headaches
5/6/2013 Should You Buy A Car With 200,000 Miles?
4/8/2013 Should You Buy A Car With A Manual Transmission?
2/21/2013 The Morning Show on Global Car Buying Tips: Seven Deadly Sins Of Car Buying That Could Cost You Dearly, And How To Avoid Them
1/22/2013 Buying a car: How to avoid the traps
11/29/2012 Yahoo Finance CAA NEO And Automall Network Team Up To Help Members Buy New And Used Cars
11/13/2012 Globe and Should I import my Subaru when I move home to Canada?
07/08/2012 660News (Calgary) New Car Pricing And Negotiating
12/10/2012 Car Dealer News CAA SCO And Automall Network To Help Members Make Good Car Buys
08/15/2011 Serious Buyer, Serious Seller Eletter New or Used, What Should I Buy?
06/29/2011 Serious Buyer, Serious Seller Eletter How Did The Japan Crisis Affect Car Prices
04/21/2011 National Post Want to save thousands on a new car? Head south
03/25/2011 Serious Buyer, Serious Seller Eletter How To Import a Vehicle Into Canada
02/18/2011 680 News Automall Network's Easy Import service (MP3)
1/18/2011 Serious Buyer, Serious Seller Eletter Trading In A Finance or Lease Early Means Double Dipping on Payments
12/2/2010 Canada AM, CTV News Cross Border Shopping - With the dollar near parity, should Canadians buy vehicles from the US?
11/16/2010 Serious Buyer, Serious Seller Eletter Money Saving Secrets - How I saved $27K on an almost new Lexus
10/18/2010 Wallet Pop Canada (AOL) How to Get the Best Car Deal
10/4/2010 How To Make Car Buying Part Of Your Financial Plan
07/30/2010 Serious Buyer, Serious Seller Eletter Internet Fraud Is Rampant For Car Sellers
06/16/2010 Serious Buyer, Serious Seller Eletter The New HST Will Kill Private Vehicle Sales
03/31/2010 Serious Buyer, Serious Seller Eletter Consumers Should Beware The 0% Financing Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
03/22/2010 Canadian "This is the time to buy a used Toyota in US", expert says
02/25/2010 Serious Buyer, Serious Seller Eletter Should you shy away from Toyota?
01/09/2010 680 News With a stronger dollar, is it time for Canadians to look at buying vehicles cross-border again? (MP3)
12/22/2009 Globe and A hassle-free way to buy a car
08/12/2009 San Antonio Express-News Auto dealer jobs rebound
08/10/2009 Insurance & Financial Advisor Overpayment frequent when vehicles are deemed total loss
03/03/2009 Should we give GM and Chrysler another chance? "Bailout billions" could be much more effective with less public risk, expert advises

02/18/2009 850 WFTL GM Bailout Plan (MP3)

02/03/2009 850 WFTL US National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (MP3)


Women love shopping...but still not for cars
12/09/2008 Miami Herald Vehicle Written Off? 5 Best Practices to Dealing with Your Insurance Company ... Miami Herald
10/16/2008 570 News Smart money is on bigger cars (MP3)

10/15/2008 AM 800 CKLW Good time to buy bigger vehicles (MP3)
10/15/2008 Canadian Driver Smart moneyís on bigger vehicles, expert says
9/27/2007 Canadian "Huge price disparities not just on luxury vehicles", expert advises
7/14/2007 Toronto Star Personal Shopper Does The Legwork
4/21/2006 Triangle Concierge Hate Car Shopping? A Personal Vehicle Shopper Makes It Easy
4/3/2006 Would you like a car with that mutual fund?
3/19/2006 WBAP Car Shopping Service For Women (MP3)
8/17/2005 Canadian Driver Buy used, Automall Network says
8/25/2004 Mississauga News Auto Shopping Made Painless
9/20/2002 680 News Weekend Business Report (MP3)


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