Women Love Shopping...but still not for cars

Published on CNBC.com, Jan. 20, 2009

January 20, 2009 - Car shopping is not high on any woman's list of good times, even during good times.

High-pressure sales tactics, condescending treatment, hidden mark-ups, premiums, documentation fees, that awful feeling that she has probably just paid too much for a car because she hasn't the patience or fortitude to handle the haggle, and the salesperson talking only to her significant other (male) when she is paying for it... all that still exists even in this day when the auto industry should be scrambling to get every sale they can.

Automall Network commissioned an independent survey of 100 South Florida women regarding their experiences with car shopping: - 55% of those surveyed negotiated a lease or purchase herself, however only 49% felt they'd gotten the dealer's best price - 53% felt they'd been treated unfairly as a female - 87% of those who felt they'd been treated unfairly had taken a male counterpart along to help with the negotiations (brother, spouse, friend or father) fearing she would not get a good price and be taken advantage of on her own - 82% of all women surveyed said they would prefer to use a professional service to save time and energy in the shopping process - 81% of all women surveyed said they would prefer to use a professional service to conduct the negotiations as they felt it would save them money - And 79% of all women surveyed said they would prefer to use a professional service to avoid dealing with the salesperson.

"Why car dealers are still approaching women like second-class citizens is a mystery, especially in this economy" says Automall Network founder Viraf Baliwalla. "It is the woman who makes 85% of the buying decisions when it comes to a family vehicle, and 100% if she's independent".

Automall Network (www.automallnetwork.com) is a Professional Vehicle Buying Service that shops for the best deals and negotiates on behalf of their clients.

They charge a flat fee to provide the service - all savings negotiated are passed on to their clients with no kickbacks or referral fees paid by the dealer. Through volume purchasing power, Automall Network reports savings on average of $1,000 to $2,000 better than the client can get on their own even in today's economy and the service is backed by their Great Price Guarantee.

Busy women simply call and tell them what car they want. While they go about their day, a written purchase authorization outlining the guaranteed low price or monthly payment will be delivered to them in as little as a few hours. If they agree, then they make the commitment to acquire the vehicle. The service includes free consultation to help her select the right vehicle for her needs, as well as objective advice on the best ways to finance or lease based on her individual or family financial situation. The vehicle is typically acquired through a local dealer of the client's choice, or if that dealer is not competitive, a vehicle can be brought in from outside her market and delivered right to her door.

Automall Network is a member of the Florida Independent Automobile Dealers Association.

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