Automall Network Dealer Partner Program

Automall Network is a licensed dealer, however we moreso operate as a broker to help our clients buy new and used vehicles as well as sell their existing ones. The term "Network" in our name represents that we work with other dealer partners to provide preferred access to buy and sell our client cars. Licensed motor vehicle dealers can sign up for free to be one of our dealer partners and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Receive proirity free used vehicle requests for vehicles we are seeking on behalf of our used car buyer clients

  • Franchised dealers receive priority requests for new vehicles we are seeking on behalf of our new car buyer clients

  • Franchised dealers' service departments receive vehicle safety inspection orders required of our consignment clients

  • Franchised dealers receive lease breaking and lease return requests for our leasing clients

  • All dealer partners get priority access to pre-inspected, pre-repaired vehicles consigned to Automall Network by our seller clients through our own online wholesale dealer only auction. Every vehicle comes with a 48 Hour/40 KM Money Back Guarantee if any material undisclosed problems are found through your own inspections. No arbitration necessary.